Friday, October 26, 2007

Finally Some Sanity From the Justice System

ATLANTA - Georgia's Supreme Court on Friday ordered the release of a young man who has been imprisoned for more than two years for having consensual oral sex with another teenager.

The court ruled 4-3 that the 10-year sentence Genarlow Wilson received was cruel and unusual punishment, and it directed a lower court to reverse the conviction and release him.
It took the Georgia court system long enough to figure out that the Dark Ages were several hundred years ago.

If oral sex between consenting teens is illegal then damned near every teen in America belongs behind bars. Several studies have indicated that kids who get caught up in the Bush-inspired abstinence bullshit still get off by doing it orally. And if oral was such a criminal enterprise, half of the 1969 graduating class from Rice Lake Senior High School in northern Wisconsin would have been in jail long long ago.

People are going to fuck and people are going to have oral and all of the supremely outdated and parochial laws on the books forbidding normal human behavior won't change that. Its refreshing to see that the Georgia courts have joined the 21st Century. Now if we could just get that state to reject the Baptist Church, the KKK, Rush Limbaugh, the Faux Opinion Network, and the Repignofascist Party, they'd be on their way to being more mainstream.

But baby steps. Always baby steps.

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