Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Iraqi Civilian Deaths Rose in 2007

Iraq's government released statistics on the number of civilians and security force members it said were killed in 2007.

According to figures released Monday by the Iraqi government, 16,232 civilians, 432 soldiers and about 1,300 Iraqi policeman died in 2007. The previous year, according to the figures compiled by the health, defense and interior ministries, 12,371 civilians, 603 soldiers and 1,224 policeman were killed.
Wait. How can this be? Bush and the Repignofascist Party candidates to be another Bush, plus General Betrayus have all been telling us that the level of violence is down in Iraqnam. But if its down why are the deaths increasing? You don't suppose that the pro-Bush mainstream media have been lying to us to make it look like the surge is working do you??? Say its not so.

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