Thursday, January 3, 2008

Iowa Independents Plan to Caucus With Democrats

Thousands more Iowa independent voters are expected to turn out for Democrat presidential candidates than Republicans at today’s Iowa caucuses.

Iowa independents are expected to follow the lead set by their national peers in 2006. Nationwide, independents backed Democrats heavily in the watershed 2006 elections, in part out of a rejection of President Bush and a loud cry for change that has continued into the 2008 campaign, strategists in both parties agree.

Recent polls have shown the percentage of Iowa independents planning to participate in the Democrat caucuses is far higher than those who say they’ll caucus for Republicans. Turnout for the Democrats is projected to be higher than Republicans, perhaps double.

Because the caucuses represent the first hint of the election year’s political mood, the trend among independents is a warning to Republicans about the general election, top national GOP strategists say.

It’s also a sign the Democratic candidates’ common agenda of ending the war in Iraq and easing pocketbook pressure is reaching beyond their base, campaign consultants in both parties say.
This is all well and good and I hope the trend continues until November.

If it does, the Democrats need to learn one very important fact and whomever is the candidate needs to learn it now. That fact is this: We the base are sick and tired of the Hillaryesque and Barackesque prattle about working in a "bipartisan" manner with the Repignofascists to govern the naiton. Bullshit. Pure unadulterated bullshit.

When was the last time that any Repignofascist wanted to work with the Democrats? Name a time? For the last 7 long years in the White House and since 1994 in the Congress the Repignofascists have run with their agenda and could care less about the bipartisanship that everyone talks about. Right now Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are so worried about their image and are so afraid of upsetting the Repignofascists that they bend over and spread their cheeks every time a Repignofascist suggests anything contrary to their supposed convictions. Don't believe me? Then why has Pelosi steadfastly blown off the non-discretionary United States Constitution regarding impeachment? She and Reid keep saying there are not enough votes. Bullshit. The Constitution says nothing about "only impeach when you have the votes" it says to impeach.

Yet Pelosi and Reid and every other lily livered Democratic leader in the House and Senate wants to not look "mean" and therefore wants to work with the Repignofascists. When was the last time they wanted to work with us?

I want the most pugnacious anti-bipartisan Democrat we can find to be the President. Barack and Hillary certainly are not that person. I've had enough of Mr Niceguy. I want someone who stands up for his convictions and says fuck you to the Repignofascists each and every time. The Democrats have not figured out that the reason the Repignofascists led in the House and Senate is they would say "this is what we're going to do. Get your ass onboard or look like a fool." And many times that is how they got exactly what they wanted.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama will not do that. Ever. We need someone who will. John Edwards? Maybe. Dennis Kucinich? Maybe? Joe Biden? Nope, he's one of them as is Chris Dodd.

The hell with bipartisanship. The Repignofascists don't practice it. Its time we threw it out the window also.

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