Thursday, January 3, 2008

Terrorist State of Israel Angry Over Gaza Crossing

Israel has criticised Egypt's decision to allow 2,150 Palestinian pilgrims who had been stranded in the country to cross back into the Gaza Strip. The pilgrims, including senior Hamas members, were returning from Mecca.

Egypt originally denied them permission to travel through its main border crossing with Gaza at Rafah, insisting they use an Israeli-run post instead.
Just watch. We'll probably hear later this week that the sophomoric government of the Terrorist State of Israel will have launched air strikes against Egypt in response to Egypt's humanitarian efforts on behalf of the Palestinians.

The line in this story about the Terrorist State of Israel being concerned that the pilgrims were bringing money to Hamas is right out of the Bush Administration's playbook for instilling fear in Americans. Remember how every time someone sneezed we were to believe that another horrible terror attack was on the way? Everyone everywhere was concerned that any action would lead to an attack. Now the Terrorist State of Israel is doing the same thing with Palestinians.

What a joke these pampered bastards are.

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